OUR commitment

Good Neighbours

We protect the social ecosystems of cities and the quality of life of their neighbours. Through our activity, we regenerate decadent commercial areas by reusing closed local businesses bringing them back to life. Our facilities are sustainable and we produce 0 greenhouse gases.

We promote an inclusive environment

We collaborate with Arrats, a local non-profit association focused on defending the rights of people at risk of social exclusion, preventing and ensuring none of them is left without adequate attention.

Access to decent housing has become increasingly difficult, turning most vulnerable people into homelessness. Arrats carries out several programmes which facilitate these problematic situations.

• Gaueko: night centre for the homeless.
Hestia: day centre for the homeless.
Ateak Program: legal, social assistance and house hunting support for people getting out of prison or in a situation of homelessness.
Accompaniment programmes: guidance and emotional support to people in risk of social exclusion.

Colo Colo supports these initiatives through the donation of all the profits we generate through the sale of our Cittytrotter slippers. Get yours here ! We also encourage our guests to direct donations through our website.