A Smart Hostel for those who want to enjoy the city like a local

Our Purpose

We believe in a world where traveling, exploring new cities, and connecting with diverse people fuels the creation of stronger societies. Our mission is to translate this belief into reality, ensuring that these experiences become not just possible, but also accessible and sustainable for all.

Our Actions

We are committed to the UN Millennium Development Goals and our purpose is inspired by Goal #11, "Sustainable Cities and Communities".
We follow the Km 0 philosophy when choosing our suppliers and partners.
We use renewable energy to power our electrical installations.
We promote a sustainable way of life; we have created a space that encourages sustainable tourism and promotes recycling and reusing.
We are one happy family; our partners are also our neighbours committed to supporting local businesses.
We collaborate with Arrats.org a non-profit focused on the reintegration of people that are at risk of social exclusion.
We differentiate ourselves in many ways, and technology is one of them. On top of contactless check-in and check-out process, you will find state-of-the-art technology in our venue.

Lifestyle rules for citytrotters

Respect each other, please
In our cozy corner of San Sebastian, we're all about creating vibrant, sustainable neighborhoods. Kindness is at the core of it and respecting each other is a shared commitment.
A smile goes a long way, this is true in Colo Colo and everywhere!
We are on a mission to make the world a better place through travelling…It’s an ambitious goal but we’re always aiming for the best.
Turn the volume up and down
The Agora downstairs is the perfect setting to meet new people and hangout, but the sleeping area is a place to relax and sleep, so we ask you to keep the volume at a minimum and be silent during nighttime.
We love free love, but Colo Colo is not the place to unleash love!
We're all for safe, respectful connections, including a little romance. However, our little place isn't set up for such endeavors, so let's treasure them elsewhere.
Don´t bring friends to the house
While our Agora downstairs is a hub for meeting fellow travelers, it's not equipped to host outsiders. Let's keep our gatherings among our wonderful hostel family.
We do not support drug usage and this includes tobacco and alcohol
We don't have authority to judge anyone´s lifestyle, but we have decided that the consumption of any kind of substance is forbidden in Colo Colo premises.
We are a safe space for everyone
Colo Colo is an open and inclusive space for everyone, the hostel counts with 24h CCTV, but we cannot look after your valuables so use lockers and locked drawers proactively.